Workshop Solo Jazz/Charleston by Kathi

Solo jazz at Wednesday 18/09, 25/09, 02/10 | Solo Charleston at wednesday 09/10
19.00 - 20.00

@Het lumen, Velveweg 54, Enschede

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Solo Jazz - 18, 25 September & 2 October
(Previous Solo Jazz experience is required!)

After the revival of Solo Jazz in Enschede by Kathi, she is back with a new block of 3 classes. In these classes we will focus on learning new solo moves and improvisation.

Solo Charleston - 9 October
(No previous solo jazz experience required, knowledge of Charleston basic step highly recommended)

Kathi will bring us back to 1930. We will learn various 30's Charleston solo moves and some technique. This lesson is highly recommended for all level 2 dancers, because the following partner dance classes will build on them.

(The workshops costs €5 euros per class.
For the solo jazz it is only possible to do all 3 classes.)

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The Solo Jazz workshops costs 15 euros for all 3 lessons. The Solo Charleston workshop casts 5 euros. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, information will be send to you via e-mail.
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