Introduction to Ballroomin' Blues

BLUES at Wednesday 16/10, 23/10, 30/10; 19:00-20:00

@Het lumen, Velveweg 54, Enschede

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It’s time to meet up again with our friends from blues! A 3-lesson during introduction to blues will be given by our one and only Jonne and Gregor.
The lessons will be focussing on Ballroomin' Blues, which is a style danced on 'jazzy' blues songs or slow jazz. It is characterized by flowy movements, travelling, flashy moves and is often danced in a close embrace connection. They will teach you how to move in the blues aesthetic, how to use momentum and how to have a comfortable connection with your partner on slower music.

Never danced blues before? No worries, no blues experience is required for these 3 lessons! You don’t need an partner and you also don’t have to be a member of the association to join!
The 3 workshops costs €15 euros in total and can only be paid in cash, prior to the lesson.

P.S. If you want to practise your blues dancing skills after these lessons: on Saturday the 26th of October, a really cool blues party will take place in the center of Enschede. This party means great live music, lovely dances and a really nice evening.

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