About Lindy Hop

Dance, make new friends and have fun! That is what Swing Out Loud is all about. We are the association in Enschede/Twente that teaches Lindy Hop and other Swing Jazz related dances. With our weekly lessons and our socials, Tea Dances and occasional parties we want to bring and spread the joy of dancing Lindy Hop!

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Roaring Twente

Bluesdancing Enschede and Swing Out Loud hosted our 2nd annual party, Roaring Twente in May 2019.
After 5 hours of Lindy Hop and Blues workshops by Jenny Sowden (US) and our very own Gregor Ybema we welcomed all dancers to the beautiful, mysterious Theater Mystiek!

We Swung and Swayed Lindy, Charleston, Balboa and Blues all night long to live music from the Blue Ramblers and Big Bo.

In short, the best Swing & Blues party in Twente. Coming back in 2020!